After an argument in a pub in the state of Georgia, R&B artist Jacquees was charged with simple assault.

Jacquees, an R&B singer, was arrested after he reportedly bit a woman in a bar near the Mall of Georgia. According to Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office jail records, the 29-year-old singer and songwriter, whose full name is Rodriguez Jacquees Broadnax, is charged with simple battery and willfully obstructing law enforcement officials.

Broadnax, who lives in Braselton, Georgia, about 43 miles northeast of Atlanta, was put into the county jail just before 1:30 a.m. on Friday. The day Jacquees was arrested, he put out a song about violence in the home. He wrote something on his Instagram page about the song “Woman’s Worth.” “Nearly one in four women will be abused by a partner at home at some point in their lives.

It’s not always easy for the abused person to leave their attacker, because they may love them, fear them, have kids with them, think they can change them, or just feel like they have nowhere else to go. If you think someone is being abused at home or know someone who is, please try to help. – He wrote, “I love you all, JACQUEES.”

Late Thursday night, police were called to the Local Tap near the mall, where witnesses told officers the singer seemed drunk, was “loud and boisterous,” was fighting with security, and had choked a female employee and bit her in the hand. The woman allegedly had injuries that were not life-threatening. Officers found Broadnax in a nearby parking lot. “He refused to cooperate and tried to run,” the news outlets said, but an officer shot him with a stun gun.

Jail records show that he was picked up early Friday morning and given a $3,700 bond to get out. The singer has been in trouble with the law before, so this wasn’t the first time. In 2018, Atlanta police arrested a man from Georgia on charges of speeding and having a controlled drug in his possession. The officers said they saw him drive 116 mph and throw a joint out of his Bentley.

On Saturday, the singer shared a picture to his Instagram account that showed what looked like a black eye behind sunglasses. “It’s all love with me…always,” he wrote. Jacquees is famous for songs like “B.E.D.” and “At the Club,” and he is from Decatur, Georgia. In 2018, he was on the record “Slime Language,” which was a collection of songs with Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Baby, and Gunna, among others.

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