Al-Malik Walker Obituary, Man Dies In House Fire Identified

Al-Malik Walker Obituary, Death – A guy was discovered dead inside his burning Easton home on Tuesday. Here we hear from the neighbor who dialed 911 to bring rescue crews. On Tuesday night, just before 9 o’clock, a fire broke out in the 900 block of Glendon Avenue. Becky Donovan, whose family lives next door, said, “My children noticed the smell of smoke and heard the fire detectors going off, and my husband and I came out to check it out with my children, and there was smoke coming out of the windows.”

Donovan claimed that when she and her husband spotted the smoke, they attempted to break in and rescue everyone inside. Both the entrance and the windows were extremely warm. Donovan remarked, “There was absolutely nothing he could do.” They dialed 911, but by the time the firefighters entered the building, the man inside had already perished. He was a good man, according to Donovan. He was a stepfather to the lovely kids who lived there. He was a popular figure in the community and everyone liked him. Donovan remarked, “It’s very sad.”

Donovan reported that the firefighters saved his animals. Two beautiful dogs were also present. Extremely pleasant and mild. Donovan confirmed that “they both made it out okay.” The house belonged to the Easton Housing Authority. According to the organization, a total of five persons (four adults and one child) called that place home. According to the Housing Authority, the family had already made plans to leave by the end of the month. Donovan is looking for comfort after the family has lost everything.

Donovan stated, “It would be nice to see the community come together and maybe, I don’t know, maybe get some clothes together or something for the victims who lost everything in their house and a family member.” The Easton Housing Authority has indicated that it intends to repair the building, the extent of the damage therein notwithstanding. Al-Malik Hakam Walker was named as the deceased by the Northampton County Coroner on Wednesday afternoon.


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