Alexis Hall Car Accident, Houston TX, Alexis Hall Died In A Car Accident

Alexis Hall Car Accident, After a street racing accident that occurred in southwest Houston on Wednesday morning and resulted in the deaths of two young friends, a 14-year-old will be facing two felony charges.

According to the police, the adolescent, who was the only person to survive the racing accident, has been referred to the authorities in charge of juvenile probation in Harris County, Texas, on allegations of failing to stop and offer aid, as well as racing, causing death. Around 1:50 in the morning.

an officer with the Houston Police Department observed two vehicles traveling next to each other at high rates of speed eastbound on Fuqua, according to Lt. Larry Crowson of the Houston Police Department. According to the police, the drivers of the two SUVs, one driving a Ford Explorer and the other driving a Ford Expedition, both lost control of their vehicles after colliding near Bathurst.

According to Crowson, the Ford Explorer collided with a tree and flipped over, and both of the youngsters who were riding in the SUV were pronounced dead at the site. The Expedition was responsible for damaging a speed limit sign. According to the police, a driver stopped his vehicle, got out to peek in the other vehicle, and then got back in his own vehicle and drove away.

The identities of the deceased adolescents are still pending verification by the local medical examiner. According to the authorities, their ages were 14 and 15. The father of one of the teenagers who was shot and died stated that his son was a “good kid,” but that he struggled both in school and at home.

Seviyon Farley, who is 15 years old, was described by his father, Rick Farley, as saying, “He wanted to be grown up.” The father’s final conversation with his son took place on Monday, during which he instructed the adolescent to give him a call as soon as he got home from school. If Farley still hadn’t heard from his kid by the time Tuesday night rolled around, he intended to report him missing to the police as a runaway.

At approximately five in the morning on Wednesday, the teen’s mother gave Farley a call to inform him of the collision. When Farley attempted to get in touch with his son by contacting multiple numbers on his mobile phone, he eventually reached a person who was familiar with the deceased teenager. That individual disclosed to Farley that the adolescents were competing.

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