Alicia Rodriguez Obituary Torrington WY, Employee at Sturgeon Electric Company, Inc. and Wyoming Military Department has died

Alicia Rodriguez Obituary, Death – Loss is the aspect of being a member of a small community that can be the most challenging, but at the same time, we are incredibly blessed to have each other. When I heard this, it caused a tremendous amount of pain in my heart for the members of our community who have been through so much together. They have been there for one other through the most difficult moments, and now they each suffer a HUGE loss after yet another tragedy.

Alicia Rodriguez had a good track record, as well as a past; nonetheless, she never stopped making an effort, no matter what! She put both knowledge and affection into practice!! Alicia would take a stand when others would sit, she would show concern for individuals who were being hurtful to others, and she would give opportunity after opportunity.

She was there for those who needed someone to lean on, and she was generous whenever she recognized a need. She was everything and more to so many people. We will mourn alongside those who have lost her as a community, and we will be here to love and support you throughout this time. Alicia would want us to look out for each other at this difficult time just as she would do so herself. Therefore, when you are around her family and friends, make the conscious decision to be present and to choose love in the midst of this devastating loss.

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