Andrea Henley Obituary Cedar Rapids Iowa, In Loving memory of Andrea Henley

Andrea Henley Obituary, Death – The Giving Tree Theater in Marion, Iowa is owned by Andrea, along with her husband Jamie. It is a community theater that caters to smaller audiences and has an emphasis on conveying stories with strong emotions. Over the course of the past four years, Andrea and Jamie have opened their home to a wide variety of people and formed a community that has evolved into a large family. The Henleys have provided the community with a venue where they may feel a sense of belonging, foster the arts, and pursue their ambitions of performing on stage.

Andrea is the person who gives that community its life and energy, and now she requires our assistance.
Over the course of her life, Andrea has battled a number of different health conditions. The gravity of these problems has only increased over the course of the past seven months. She is currently confined to a wheelchair and has so little strength that she can hardly function. It is of the utmost importance that she receives treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota; however, none of the associated costs will be covered by her insurance.

This is when we come into the picture. Would you consider making a contribution to this fund in order to assist the Henley family in paying for all of the therapy that they had at Mayo? They have already spent $5,000 just to be seen there, and now she will have to stay in the hospital for several days as she undergoes numerous different tests. Let’s do something kind for this incredible woman who has done so much for her community without expecting anything in return.

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