Austin Kristiansen Obituary, Austin Kristiansen Has Died

Austin Kristiansen Obituary, Death-  Our entire family is utterly heartbroken for Kurt, Sherry, and Timmy, as well as Gramps, Grandma, and Kalli, and there are simply not enough words to express how our hearts are breaking for them all.

Austin has a kind and generous spirit, a smile that is bigger than any you’ve ever seen, and he would give the shirt off his back to anyone who was in need. Whatever it was that he liked to do, he did it with a great degree of enthusiasm and dedication. He was devoted to his job, his dog, his family, and his friends, and he had a passion for riding motorbikes, being outside, hunting, and fishing. His work, his dog, his family, and his friends were all important to him.

When they were both much younger, he and Nicholas competed in numerous thrilling races against one another. Jamie was a fellow student of his at TCU, where he went to for his education. Sherry and I shared a good laugh at the prospect of signing our children up for chess and swimming classes. All of our children thought of him as a sibling, and my husband and I thought of him as a son. He identified as a Moto.

If you are familiar with the Kristiansen family, then you are aware that he is showered with all of the love and support that he requires from his grandparents, his mother and father, Kurt and Sherry, his brother Timmy, and his stunning girlfriend Kalli! You were constantly given the impression that you were loved and treasured by each and every member of their family.

#129, our dashing Angel, we pray that you reach tremendous heights and continue to ride in peace till the end of time. Know that our family will always adore you, and that we are sending you lots and lots of hugs, love, and prayers of wonderful healing energy your way. We are thinking about you and praying for your complete and total recovery.

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