Benjamin Draper Obituary Ontario CA, Tributes paid to Benjamin Draper

Benjamin Draper Obituary, Death – This dazzling grin will remain ingrained in my mind forever. Benjamin Draper is the only person who has ever made me laugh as much as he does. Nobody else can match his ability to never fail to make everyone laugh while simultaneously undermining me and bringing down the whole operation.
He never held back and always went for it, which may have contributed to his naturally excellent abilities on a dirt bike and any equipment.

Ben was the same way in our friendship; he was completely open and generous at all times. He never held back. He acted as if the successes of those around him were his own and celebrated them accordingly. Because he had nothing to hide and was simply genuinely interested in getting to know people, he had no trouble striking up conversations with strangers.

He had an easier time than I did most of the time seeing the good in other people. It was just necessary for me to assist him in seeing that quality within himself. Ben has been an incredible blessing to my whole family, and this picture is taken while he was living with us and assisting us in the construction of our new house. functioning frequently as a marriage counselor (Tracey Matthews and I did not agree on every decision about the construction of the house), as well as a babysitter, in addition to basically running the construction when I had to go back to work. When it came to the children, Ben went “All In,” throwing Taylor Swift dance parties for them and giving them much too many candies than they should have had.

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