Buddy” Cal Asham Obituary, Peguis Juniors Hockey Club member has died

Buddy” Cal Asham Obituary, Death – Today, it is with the utmost regret that we share the news that our dear friend and longtime trainer “Buddy” Cal Asham has died away. He was a longtime member of our team. Over the course of more than two decades as Trainer and Equipment Manager for the Peguis Juniors Hockey Club, Cal had a significant role in the team’s overall success.

Because it was one of the things that brought Cal the most delight while working with hockey programs, he made sure that the team and the players came first in everything they did. Always having everything ready and prepared for everyone, including getting skates sharpened and adjusting equipment, he never missed a beat when it came to games. Cal also always had some heartfelt loving comments or some choice ones to say, but you could always tell they came from the heart.

His time spent as a member of the hockey clubs for which he worked allowed him to form friendships that will last a lifetime, and he will be sorely missed by every player, coach, and other person with whom he came into touch during his career in the sport. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Asham family—Carol, his daughters Tiffany and Stacy, his son Tory, and all of his grandchildren—during this difficult time.
During this trying time, know that everyone in the Juniors family is keeping you in their thoughts and prayers.

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