Caleb Diehl Missing, Caleb Diehl When Missing

Caleb Diehl Missing, His family describes Caleb Diehl as fearless and daring. Caleb’s mother Tami chuckles and smiles in interviews with the media, describing how her son will climb anything while being “afraid of nothing

One of Caleb’s sisters, Courtney, describes him as “a Momma’s boy, but he never acted like he was the baby.” Caleb was the youngest of four siblings growing up. Caleb also made an effort to keep up with his elder siblings and sisters, including learning to ride a dirt bike at a very young age. The family also recalls that Caleb always provided “the best gifts” and was exceedingly considerate.

Caleb had a typical independent communication style with his family at the age of 18 when he vanished. It wasn’t unusual for a few days to pass before everyone caught up again, according to the family, as he didn’t feel the need to disclose every small detail of his day with them. Early on, the Diehl family had a close bond with the Howards, a nearby family. The Diehl family recalls how the families became close and linked since the Howard boys and the two Diehl boys were roughly the same age. They even went on vacation together.

Given that the Howard family farmed cattle, Caleb was interested in their properties. As a result, the family’s father, Ricky Dale Howard, recruited Caleb to perform odd jobs around the farm while he was still in middle school. The Diehl family was completely ignorant of Ricky’s troubled past at the moment. 53 years old was Ricky Dale Howard. The children of the two families had traveled together and gotten along well.

Howard, who owned numerous estates and had an interest in cattle ranching, hired Caleb as his employee. So it was reasonable for him to be driving Howard’s car. According to Diehl, he spent the majority of his days with his buddies, the Howard brothers. Since our two sons and her two sons were the same age, doing things together seemed to work for us. As Caleb grew older, he frequently assisted Ricky in managing his cattle herd and checking on various land leases. On March 29, 2015, about five o’clock, Caleb was last seen at his mother’s residence.

Caleb needed to be at home that evening so he wouldn’t have to miss any more school, according to his sister Courtney. As a senior, Caleb knew that missing any more classes would put his prospects of graduating in jeopardy. Caleb’s truck was in need of maintenance at the moment. Because Ricky Dale Howard was in the shop, he had to use his truck. The last night Caleb was spotted, his phone abruptly stopped working, and all of his social media profiles went quiet, according to Caleb’s cell phone data.

The school counselor called Caleb’s mother Tami two days later, on Tuesday, April 1, 2015, to let her know that Caleb wasn’t there that day. Tami had made a promise to the counselor that she would speak with her son, but at the time she had only imagined he had missed school. Caleb didn’t come home that evening.

The fact that Caleb lived in Grapevine with his sister and that they frequently missed each other due to their busy schedules meant that the family didn’t need to worry just yet. By Wednesday morning, Tami had begun contacting Caleb’s acquaintances, including Christian, with whom Caleb claimed to have spent Monday night. Strangely, Christian told Tami that since he was out of town, they didn’t make any plans that day. In the late afternoon, Tami reported Caleb missing.

To inform Howard that Caleb was missing and that the police would be requesting the license plate of the champagne Chevrolet 2500 for the police report, Tami called Howard. Tami never spoke to Howard; instead, she left him a voicemail. When Howard picked up the phone to return Tami’s call, he told her that his truck was at his place of business.

The truck was parked and the keys were back in their customary place when the police arrived at Howard’s place of business. Howard cooperated with the law enforcement officer and allowed him to check his car and the premises. Three $100 bills were zip-tied to the steering wheel, according to law authorities. The floor of Howard’s garage had a broken cell, but Howard claimed he had thrown it away.

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