Cindy Yearsley Obituary, Long-time employee of The Salvation Army’s has died

Cindy Yearsley Obituary, Death – Cindy Yearsley, who had worked for The Salvation Army’s PENDEL Division Service Extension Department for many years before her passing on September 2, 2023, was one of its most dedicated employees. At Camp Ladore, Cindy was an advocate for the ministry that was there. It is a common saying in the Salvation Army that “Camp Changes Lives,” and our camping ministry has provided us with numerous examples of how true this statement truly is.

The truth is that God transforms people’s lives through camping ministry, and He does so through individuals like Cindy, who tirelessly worked with her volunteers to send hundreds of children to summer camp. Without the leadership that she provides in recruitment, our camping ministry would not be where it is today. Because of her, many of the people who have had their lives altered over the course of the years would not have had the chance to do so otherwise.

The children that she sent have had an immediate and profound impact on our individual lives. We will remember Cindy most for her laugh, her dependability, and her sincere and concerted efforts for our children and families in the Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Division. Although Cindy gave off the impression that she was a social service veteran who didn’t put up with nonsense (which she was), she was actually a veteran.

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