Clifford Wright Obituary Xavier, University of Louisiana Professor has passed away

Clifford Wright Obituary, Death – This morning, at 81 years old, Clifford Wright passed away in an unexpected manner. Since before I was born, he has been a professor of accounting and business at Xavier University in New Orleans, where he also serves as a deacon at St. Benilde Church, which is located in Metairie. Additionally, he left his position as a CPA practice about the time of his retirement.

We are extremely thankful for his survival, but we would appreciate prayers for the health of my mother. In addition to my mother, my brother, and both of our wife, Dad is survived by seven devoted grandkids. He was also the father of my sister, who was unfortunately taken from this world 19 years ago.

We are asking for prayers for our First Lady Dayna Brooks, as her brother (Arlan) Clifford Wright has passed from this life into the next. We have faith that once we have passed from this physical existence, we will be present with the Lord. In the name of Pastor KW. Brooks and the rest of the congregation of Greater Nazarene Providence Baptist Church. Please accept my thanks in advance. In the name of Jesus Christ

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