Dale Zahner Obituary, Tolland – CT – Fire Department Captain Has Died

Dale Zahner Obituary, Death- The news that Honorary Member Dale “Captain Zeke” Zahner has died away is something that has left us in a state of profound grief.

Dale became a volunteer emergency medical technician for the Tolland Volunteer Ambulance Association in the year 1980 after joining as a member of the organization. Dale served in Vietnam as a member of the Medical Corps before to commencing his work with Tolland. During that time, he was involved in combat. Dale was initially hired by the Town of Tolland in 1988 as a Public Safety Officer (Firefighter/EMT), and then in 1989, he was promoted to the position of Fire Captain in the Tolland Fire Department.

Dale’s career with the Tolland Fire Department began in 1988. The community as a whole benefited from Dale’s training in a wide variety of topics, some of which included babysitting, first aid, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). In addition to that, Dale served as a guide for freshly recruited firefighters and emergency medical technicians, notably in the subject of driving.

This function held a very significant significance for Dale. Many current and past members can recall that he attempted to teach them his driving abilities by having them shift a non-synchronized transmission without using the clutch in Rescue 240, the 1978 Mack Rescue Truck, and in ET-140 and ET-240, the American LaFrance Fire Trucks.

These vehicles were both owned by the American LaFrance Fire Department. The American LaFrance Fire Department used these vehicles in their operations at various times. When the Tolland IAFF Local 3954 was first getting started, he was one of the first members to sign up for membership. In 2003, after having worked for the Town of Tolland and the Tolland Fire Department for a combined total of 23 years, Dale decided to retire earlier than expected.

After Dale reached the age where he could retire from his job at Tolland, he took a position at Rockville General Hospital as an emergency department technician. This allowed him to put his many years of knowledge in the medical area to good use. We want to thank you for the time you spent serving the Tolland community and wish you eternal rest, Captain Zeke. We are grateful for the time you spent there.

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