Damien Medwin Obituary, Footy legend dies in fatal crash in Tasmania’s northwest

Damien Medwin Obituary, Death – After the unfortunate death of football icon Damien Medwin in a car accident in northern Tasmania, numerous people have taken to social media to pay their respects. Friends and family members of the father of three who played for both NSW and NT referred to him as the “life of the party” after their hearts fell when they heard the news. Nic Bellinger, who plays for the Stowport Cricket Club, remarked that Medwin was always the first person to “put a positive spin on things when the chips were down.”

“Damien is well known all over our state and country through his many contacts from sports and friendships,” he said. “Damien’s many friendships have also contributed to his widespread popularity.”
Throughout the course of his life, he had the ability to make a great impression on everyone that he met and interacted with.

On Tuesday, Mr. Bellinger started a fundraising effort on GoFundMe for the benefit of Medwin’s wife Bec and their three children, Hudson, Jordy, and Marni. In light of the devastating death of a “very loving husband,” he predicted that the family will have a “long and difficult road ahead” in their grieving process.
The campaign had already raised approximately $60,000 as of the beginning of the day on Thursday, with individual donations as high as $2500 in size.

On Sunday, the body of a 38-year-old man was discovered in a vehicle that had been submerged in water in the northwestern part of the state. The legendary football player spent time with eight different clubs in New South Wales and the Northern Territory. Most recently, he was employed by the Circular Head Saints Football Club, where he served both as a player and an assistant coach.


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