Dave Stein Obituary, New York Sick Of It All Band Pays Tribute To Dave Stein

Dave Stein Obituary, Death – The passing of Dave Stein is a poignant reminder of a man who defied life’s challenges and embodied the true essence of hardcore spirit. From our first encounter, when he organized Sick Of It All’s inaugural show in Albany at 288 Lark, it was clear that Dave was a force to be reckoned with. Many of the enduring images from that era can be traced back to that momentous event.

The photographs below capture a different side of Dave, celebrating the joys of life as we all gathered in Florida for Mai and Pete’s baby shower. But it wasn’t just these significant milestones where Dave left his mark. One cherished memory stands out: the time I mentioned waiting outside Radio City with our daughter to watch the Christmas show. Without hesitation, Dave, despite his office being a few blocks away, ventured into the freezing cold just to say hi.

Dave was a true pillar of support, not only for Sick Of It All but for countless others within the New York scene. His generous spirit knew no bounds. As we mourn his loss, our hearts go out to his loving wife and family, and to all of us, his friends, who will feel the void left by his absence. Rest In Peace, Dave. Your tireless contributions have more than earned you eternal peace.

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