Denise Dean Obituary Sparacino Wichita KS, Death Notice and Service Information

Denise Dean Obituary, Death – Denise Christine Dean lived for 48 years before passing death  in San Antonio, Texas. She was 48 years old. Elmhurst, Illinois was the location of Denise’s birth on March 27, 1975. Her parents were Jack David Dean and Karen Ann Dean (Baumgartner). Her unexpected passing has left her family in a state of profound grief. Denise and her family uprooted to Berthoud, Colorado, when she was just one year old, and she spent her formative years there. Denise was a really accomplished athlete.

She earned a letter of achievement in varsity volleyball, basketball, and track while she was a freshman at Frederick High School. She continued her education and earned her diploma from Skyline High School, and then moved on to Aims Community College, where she studied criminal justice and earned an associate’s degree.

After that, she graduated from the Peace Officer Standards Academy and received her certification. She had a distinguished career as a law enforcement officer and was honored for many accomplishments and accolades throughout that time. Denise’s job as a law enforcement officer was quite fruitful and profitable for her. She was a Law Enforcement Officer, a School Resource Officer, a Detective, a SWAT Negotiator, a Defensive Tactics Instructor, and a Crisis Intervention Trainer among her many titles and responsibilities. Denise, who worked as a School Resource Officer, became well-known for the pink handcuffs she wore.

If you asked her, she’d tell you that being a mother to James Dean Bosch was the greatest accomplishment of her life. James and his mother shared a connection that could not be severed. Denise felt an overwhelming sense of pride as she thought of James and everything he had accomplished, from his early days as a motocross racer to the day he received his master’s degree from the University of Colorado. She had an intense love for him. Denise would frequently tell James, “You’re my boy Blue,” and James would always respond by telling Denise, “You’re my girl Pink.”

Denise is leaving behind her devoted partner, Achelois, who was also her assistance dog. She also leaves behind her beloved family and friends. It is hardly surprising that she was held in such high esteem given that her radiant grin could instantly brighten any environment. She will be sorely missed by everyone. Denise’s stepfather, Jerry Nelson, as well as her grandparents, Larry and Rose Dean, and her nephew, Brandon Nelson, all passed away before she did.

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