Dominic Vasquez Obituary Toledo OH, Member of Toledo Softball has passed away

Dominic Vasquez Obituary, Death – Participant in the Toledo Softball Dominic Vasquez has left us and gone on ahead. Since finding out about Dominic Vasquez’s passing, which was brought about by the news, we have been thrown into a state of profound bereavement and hopelessness as a result. Dominic Vasquez was a compassionate and thoughtful individual who had a vibrant personality.

He was concerned about the well-being of his fellow human beings. As a result of his untimely passing away from this world, his family, friends, and coworkers are in a state of shock and grief. They cannot believe he is no longer with them. Everyone will experience loss in their own special way when he passes away.

I have no money at all. You came last night to fill in for me and Jacklyn LaVigne to help your sisters win some softball game you weren’t yourself and I felt that but this doesn’t seem real I’m having the worst guilt right now because I feel like I should have done more and it’s eating me alive. I can’t form words because I hate myself for not stopping you from leaving last night.

One of my TLO brothers is no longer here with us, and it’s eating me alive. You came last night to help I will always adore you, Dominic Vasquez. You are a holdover from the time we took over Brownstown’s and had huge ambitions. You are forever my brother, and you will be much missed. I am truly sorry.

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