Drew Flaherty Obituary, General Manager at Pasadena Symphony and Pops Dies Unexpectedly

Drew Flaherty Obituary, Death – We were in complete amazement and shock when we learned of Drew Flaherty’s untimely death. Everyone in our community liked and respected him. His soul is no longer present on Earth because his body has died; but, because his body has also died, it is now free to find peace among the heavenly beings. It is not our obligation to know everything; rather, we are tasked with accepting it in the manner in which it is now provided to us. Neither of these things can ever happen since it is impossible to lose or destroy the soul.

When I learned the unexpected news of Drew Flaherty’s passing, I was stunned, and I was unable to find any solace for the loss of a friend whom I would always cherish. Drew Flaherty was the Pasadena Symphony and Pops Operations Manager, as well as a colleague, a party companion, and, most importantly, a personal friend to many people. He also played the role of party buddy. When they heard he was dying, everyone was extremely taken aback.

I simply cannot comprehend it. Drew, I don’t even want to think about how much I’ll miss you because I’m already having a hard time missing you. My warmest thoughts and prayers go out to his lovely friends, especially his incredible parents, Peter and Linda. I deeply regret the loss you have experienced. Everyone is feeling the effects of this most recent loss, which comes after a run of far too many others in recent years. These most tragic losses come on the heels of far too many others in previous years.


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