Dylan Pickett Obituary Barrie Ontario, GoFundMe, Remembering the life of Dylan Pickett

Dylan Pickett Obituary, Death – Because of the unexpected passing of our brother and son, Dylan James Pickett, all of us feel a profound sense of loss and profound sadness within our hearts and brains. Dylan had 28 years under his belt and his 29th birthday was approaching on October 14th. My family was reluctant to start this GoFundMe campaign since, in the past, we have dealt with any difficulties with the close-knit support of our immediate family. Our parents instilled in us the utmost importance of maintaining unity within the family and implanted in us the knowledge that the combined power of our household is sufficient to face any challenge.

Therefore, in my view, we have always been up against the challenges that life throws at us. My siblings and I, armed with our own internal moral compasses, the fundamental principles that our family upholds, and the security that comes from having one another, felt empowered to travel along the path of life hand in hand.

We never in our wildest dreams imagined that our way would be traveled without Dylan. Without his sense of humor, his fearless protectiveness over his family, and his incredible ability to find joy in even the most difficult (and possibly inappropriate) of situations. We will remember him fondly, and we will miss him deeply; but, he will live on in our hearts forever and always. We will treasure the memories that he gave to us. Our travels will continue, and despite the shifts that have taken place in our connection with Dylan, it will also continue.

The money raised through donations will go toward covering the costs of the memorial service and funeral that will be held in Dylan’s honor and memory. Any additional funds raised will be given to the Canadian Mental Health Association, a foundation that does not seek to make a profit from its work and to which we are indebted for the innumerable ways in which it assisted us in reducing the strain that Dylan’s illness placed on his mind.Dylan’s inner demons would sometimes misdirect him, and to say the least, on occasion he would find himself traveling through hell on their orders.

Our ways did not always cross, but they did run concurrently; hence, despite the fact that I will never be able to fully comprehend the internal conflicts he overcame, I am aware that it takes an exceptionally resilient person to keep going through adversity in the manner in which he did. In spite of everything that Dylan had to go through, his internal compass never failed to direct him back to the one thing that he had always been most concerned about and that was his family.

Dylan’s life path has once again intersected with ours, despite the fact that he has moved on from this world. In every action that I take, I am aware of his presence, his love, and his support. He never stopped being incredibly proud of each one of us. Dylan was our knowledgeable handyman and an inventive jack-of-all-trades, yet he still talked about our individual achievements and would honor and celebrate them as if he had accomplished them himself. And in a way he did, because he is an extension of everything that is good in the life of my family, since he has always been there to push, support, and challenge each of us to be our best selves – even when he was battling the most. And in a way he did, because he is an extension of all that is good in the life of my family.

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