Ed Henry Obituary, Ed Henry Has Died

Ed Henry Obituary, Death- Only the fact that Ed Henry was murdered in an automobile accident today is known to me; I have no information regarding how or why it occurred.

Due to the magnitude of this tragedy, my heart goes out to his loved ones and friends. During this difficult time, all of you are in my prayers and thoughts. He was a kind and thoughtful buddy who was also generous. Adieu, Ed.
PS: I wish I didn’t have to post this, but I knew that many people wouldn’t read Peggy’s comment or be able to identify the person who submitted it.

Amina Allegro…Peggy, know that I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. This is extremely upsetting news. Since the day we first crossed paths at Rob’s Barn many years ago, Ed has been a reliable buddy. A significant advocate of bluegrass music, both now and in the past, with a focus on regional and neighborhood bands.

I believe that the only reason Ed ever chose local events over those that featured touring bands was because he felt an obligation to promote the local boys and gals. He was a kind and kind guy who supported a number of educational opportunities for young people, including the scholarships offered by the SMBA. Every time Always a huge proponent of the music industry.

Once, I requested Ed to come to the studio with us so that he could chronicle the experience and blog about it. He appeared shocked that I had asked him to come. My response was that I couldn’t think of anyone who was more informed about music or who loved it more. I, together with Jill Jepsen Hossler, Roy Hossler, and Sherri Austin Beachley, was a co-producer of the Brunswick Roundhouse Concert Series for a number of years.

Ed and his wife Connie were significant supporters of the series throughout its duration. This breaks my heart because the world has become one of the bad people in recent years. Adieu, Ed You are already being greatly missed! What the heck!!! Ong!! This is a terrible turn of events.

as he was the region’s bluegrass music scene’s most ardent supporter. What a terrible blow this is to the world of music, and of course to his family as well. Ursula, please! These terrible rumors are impossible for me to accept. I am at a loss for words. We only spoke with him a few days ago, but we’re planning to get back in touch with him soon because he moved within ten minutes of where we are. Terribly upsetting

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