Ellie O’Shea Obituary, Ellie O’Shea Has Died

Ellie O’Shea Obituary, Death –It is with deep regret that we must inform you of the passing of our cherished founder, Ellie (Lucy) O’Shea, who died away not too long ago. Her passing came as a shock to all of us.

Ellie’s history includes time spent in the United States working in the field of animal rescue. She had just moved to Ireland when she had the joyful surprise of seeing a small dog that would later become her beloved Toby running down Patrick street and into her loving arms. This happy discovery occurred not long after she had moved to Ireland. Ellie was instantly made aware of the difficult situation that many lost and abandoned animals confront in Cork as a result of this occurrence.

As a direct consequence of this, the very first helpline was established, in addition to a cost-free service that Ellie oversaw in the well-known pink pages of the Echo newspaper. Ellie and Lindsay didn’t finally collide until quite some time had gone, and it was all because of a missing puppy. Both of their brains were characterized by a great deal of compassion.

They built upon Ellie’s preliminary efforts, which led to the formation of the Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline and Rescue organization. Volunteers, contributors, fundraisers, adopters, foster parents, dog walkers, finders, veterinary staff, suppliers, callers, minder, sharers, and crafters who helped make Ellie’s dreams come true on a daily basis through their work with the lost and found all deserve Lindsay’s sincere gratitude. Lindsay is grateful to all of these individuals.

A memorial service honoring Ellie’s life will take place at The Island Crematorium in Ringaskiddy on the afternoon of Thursday, September 7, at three o’clock. A live stream of this event will also take place. All of us have been inspired to become champions for those who are struggling in society thanks to Ellie.

As a direct result of her insightful advice, each of us has picked up a substantial amount of new information and been profoundly impacted in our growth as animal caregivers. Please do not send flowers to Ellie because she would be thrilled to receive them, but she has already spent her last euro on the animals that are in our care. Ellie will never grow up, but you have the opportunity to find independence right now.

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