Elyse Ewart Obituary, Wheeling, WV, 34-year-old Elyse Ewart Has Died

Elyse Ewart Obituary, Death – Wheeling Hospital, in the city of Wheeling, West Virginia, was the place where Elyse Tiffany Ewart died away on August 20, 2023. Wheeling, West Virginia was the location of her passing because that was where she resided. She had lived in Wheeling for the majority of her 34 years, so that was where she had spent the majority of her time. She was the sole offspring of her late mother.

Allie Cynthia (Clemons) Ewart, who gave birth to her on December 2nd, 1988. Her mother passed away in 2002. Her mother never had any other children, so she was an only child. Her mother never had any other children; she was an only child and never had any others of her own. Her mother never had any other children; she only ever had her as a child to care for. And surviving Phil Leo Ewart, in addition to a daughter named Ava Snyder who lives in Wheeling, a sister named Fawna (Kenny).

Jarrell who also lives in Wheeling, and a brother named Jeremy Ewart who also lives in Wheeling. All three of these surviving family members dwell in Wheeling. These three surviving members of the family are all originally from the city of Wheeling. Wheeling is the city that serves as residence for the three family members that are still alive today. These three individuals, like everyone else in this community, spent their whole lives in Wheeling, where they were born and reared. During this trying time, the Schuetz Funeral Home is there to offer its support and aid to the family in order to comfort and console them.

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