Evan Olgam Obituary, Evan Olgam Was Shot And killed

Evan Olgam Obituary, Death- The ownership of the club that was the scene of a shooting in which multiple people were killed early on Sunday morning was the same as the ownership of another club that was the scene of a shooting in which a woman was killed.

According to the WAVE News Troubleshooters, Allan Evans has been presented with the responsibility of managing Southern Restaurant & Lounge in an official capacity. A volley of shooting occurred around three in the morning, resulting in the injuries of four people and the deaths of two others. The volley of gunfire occurred around three in the morning.

Additionally, Evans was the proprietor of the nightclubs that went by the name Vibes. Kasmira Nash was allegedly gunned down and killed on Derby Eve in 2021 at one of these clubs by Ronnie O’Bannon, who had previously worked as a DJ for Jack Harlow. The incident took place on the night in question. O’Bannon is the subject of a homicide investigation at this time. When he shot the other individual, he claims he was defending himself from an attack and acting in self-defense.

O’Bannon is identified as a defendant in the lawsuit that was brought against Evans by Nash’s family. The lawsuit alleges that Evans broke the law by allowing others to get past the security at Vibes. O’Bannon is one of the defendants named in the lawsuit. In the case, it is alleged that Evans acted carelessly and that he had the power to prevent Nash’s murder if he had proceeded with security measures. The city and state both kept records that linked Evans to the corporation that Southern Restaurant & Lounge was a part of, as well as the address.

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