Fdny Peter Ganci Obituary, September 9/11, Chief Of National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Dies

Fdny Peter Ganci Obituary, Death – FDNY Chief of Department Peter J. Ganci Jr. was the highest ranked uniformed officer. Pete died while conducting his responsibilities at the WTC. On September 14, 1968, he was appointed to the FDNY and assigned as a firefighter to Engine 92 in the Bronx and then to 111 truck in Brooklyn. His ascension to the top began in August 1977 as Lieutenant Ladder 124.

Pete was awarded the B.C. Frank Tuttlemondo medal in 1982 while working as a lieutenant at Ladder 124 for executing an act of bravery and daring when he saved a child from a blazing apartment that was heavily engulfed in smoke heat and fire. Ganci and his soldiers were desperate to save the youngsters after learning that they were trapped. Ganci scanned the flames for an opportunity. He scampered under the rolling wave of flames past the shelter of the line to continue his search for life when he spied a niche opening.

Ganci continued his quest into the first bedroom and into the next, hurling burning items out of his way. Ganci discovered the lifeless form of 5-1/2 year girl Lydia Perez as he crawled through the scorching heat midway through the hunt for the second room. He scooped her up and went to the front window for assistance. Because of the fan-like impact a hose line has on a fire, Ganci took incredible punishment while positioned between the water line and the fire. On Lydia, he commenced mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Then he handed over his small charge to another firefighter and returned to the fight, assisting with the extraction of another casualty through the breached wall.

After examining the incident, B.C. Robert Scalone of the 28th Battalion noted, “without regard for his own safety, Ganci moved into an atmosphere heavily charged with heat and smoke with unerring skill and accuracy.” The rescued infant would have died if it hadn’t been for his prompt and skilled actions.’ When Pete Ganci was asked about the incident, he put it succinctly: ‘When a firefighter recognizes that someone is being robbed of life by fire, adrenalin and resolve override all notions of personal safety.’ It was with this same dedication that Chief Ganci led and directed the greatest successful rescue effort in modern history on September 11th, as Chief of Department. Chief Ganci and his fellow firefighters saved almost 30,000 individuals.

Captain 1983; Battalion Chief 1987; Deputy Chief 1993; Deputy Assistant Chief in charge of Bureau of Fire Investigation 1994; Assistant Chief of Operations 1996; Chief of Operations 1997-99; Acting Chief of Department 1998-99; and Chief of Department October 1999 to September 11 2001 were among his career accomplishments. Although Pete will be remembered for his tremendous service in the FDNY, his greatest legacy will be carried on by his family. Pete Ganci will be remembered for his quick wit his enthusiasm for life and his amazing smile. He was a loving husband to his wife Kathy and a dedicated father to his children Peter Chris and Danielle.

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