Ina Schuster, Napier Boxing member has passed away

Ina Schuster Obituary, Death – The news that Ina Schuster had gone during the night struck all of us in complete and absolute shock as well as a state of profound sadness. Ina has been an essential part of women’s boxing in New Zealand during her whole career, from the time she competed as a fighter to the present day when she works as a referee.

We were club neighbors back in the day when Henry controlled the Fielding boxing gym, and as a result, we spent many days together practicing together in preparation for fights. During this time, Henry also managed the Fielding boxing facility.

Sadly, Ina, who had the sweetest words and smile for everyone, was taken from us much too soon. She had the warmest grin. The entirety of the boxing community in New Zealand will mournfully miss having her presence in the sport in the years to come.
The boxing community in Napier wants Henry and his family to know that we are thinking about them and extending our condolences during this trying time.

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