Jack Sonni Obituary Mississippi, Artist for Dire Straits band has passed away

Jack Sonni Obituary, Death – Self-employed writer, plank spanker, and an aspiring cook who works for The Leisure Class Podcast Host at Newsweek and Starving Artist @ Plank Spanker & Lit Cranker. A resident of Taylor, Mississippi. The life of Jack Sonni has come to an end. It breaks my heart to learn that my good buddy Jack Sonni has passed away. I first met Jack when I was a very young boy hanging around the village, and we played together at a big party that was thrown for him at the Cat Club.

At the time, Money for Nothing was the most successful record ever produced, and Dire Straits was arguably the most successful band ever produced from that album. I was playing in Baker Lee’s band at the time, and Dug Rock, who was Jack’s drummer, was a good friend of Dug Rock. We continued to have a great time for the next half an hour or so with the addition of Mark Knopfler, Jack, and the bass player John Illsley (I believe).

Then, during a reunion at Kenny’s Castaways, we played together one more, and he was such a shining example of positivity and an absolute blast to perform beside on stage. Excellent atmosphere as well as a gifted and open-minded kind of player and musician. I have never stopped harboring the desire that we should get back together. Going to miss you, Jack, and our little conversations and exchanges we had online, as well as your films. May you rest in peace, brother. My most sincere condolences go out to his family and all of his friends.


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