James McCleneghan Obituary, Middle Park Football Club Juniors Member Has Died

James McCleneghan Obituary, Death- Today, people throughout the Middle Park community and the Middle Park Football Club are grieving the loss of a club member.

James McCleneghan, who was a member of our U18s leadership team (serving as Team Manager, Coach, and Dad), passed suddenly this morning after having a major stroke and a hemorrhage during the course of the weekend. He had been hospitalized since Saturday.

James’ life has been significantly impacted by the club, and he has been making a big contribution to the club for more than 10 years. Because he is always willing to lend a hand to the younger players, James is one of the key contributors to the success of our Under-18 team.

We are aware that you are also assisting his wife Lisa and their kid Finn, and that this is something that we are also doing ourselves. Funeral services are scheduled to take place the week after that. As a direct reaction to Lisa’s inquiry, the entirety of his team will show up there dressed in full gear. When we get more information, we will share it with you and let you know when that happens.

Because of the donation of his organs, two other people are still alive and well today. He never stops working hard to improve the lives of other people in so many different ways. During this trying time, the Mc Clenaghan family is in our thoughts and prayers.

James Mc Clenaghan passed away in Australia not too long ago, and it was a terrible tragedy. James and his family have been actively involved with Moville Celtic in the past, both on the field and off of it, and have contributed significantly to the club’s success on both fronts. At this time, we are pondering the well-being of his close friends and members of his family.

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