Jeff Gardner Obituary, Arkansas, Jeff Gardner Has Died

Jeff Gardner Obituary, Death –Jeffrey Gardner, who was 36 years old and worked in the insurance industry, did not in any way conform to the archetype of a dull insurance salesperson. In fact, he was quite the opposite.

One of his responsibilities at Marsh & McLennan was to fulfill the job of an environmental insurance broker for the company. After work, he may be spotted in a variety of guises, depending on the situation. A lover of opera and wine who, whenever he felt the need to rest, would unwind by lighting up one of his many finely carved pipes and inhaling the smoke. An adventurous traveler negotiating perilous terrain while riding a motorcycle through the wilderness.

A prankster who set up a doppelganger of Austin Powers to surprise a friend by singing “Happy Birthday” to them while cornering them in a restaurant while playing a practical joke on them. And there was a man who was so grateful for his life that he devoted his leisure time to building homes in Newark, Honduras, and Brazil. He was so appreciative of his existence that he did this.

Amy Gardner, who is his younger sister, made the observation that “he had so many things going on” in his family. The volunteer effort that he undertook for Habitat for Humanity was probably the achievement of which he is most proud. He was able to combine several of his favorite pastimes, such as working with his hands in construction, making friends with other volunteers and children, and seeing the joy on the faces of new homeowners.

He was able to do all of this through the Habitat for Humanity program. It was said by Mr. Gardner’s sister that those were some of the happiest times of her brother’s life. She remembers Dad noting that more ordinary times were simply excellent days during that time period, and she found it particularly memorable. She mentioned that he had a solar sign tattooed on his ankle because he believed that having a wonderful day was the worst thing that could happen. Consequently, she said that he had this tattoo.

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