Jess Larochelle Obituary Military Valour recipient and Victoria Cross award winner

Jess Larochelle Obituary, Death – We mourn the loss of one of Canada’s most famous and accomplished sons with a deep sense of sorrow. Jess Larochelle, who had been awarded the Star of Military Valor, passed away last night. Even though we were aware that he had been experiencing a steady decline in health over the course of the past three years, this does not make the situation any less difficult. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, particularly his mother Anna, and his brother Andrew.

We respectfully request that the family be allowed the space and privacy necessary to grieve the loss of a loved one. Private Larochelle of the 1st Royal Canadian Regiment Battle Group was working an observation station in Pashmul, Afghanistan, on the day that it was hit by an enemy rocket on October 14, 2006. Even if he was by himself. His injuries were severe, and he was under constant fire from the opposing side as he stood in an exposed position at the destroyed observation post.

Nevertheless, he supplied aggressive covering fire across the otherwise undefended flank of his company’s position. Private Larochelle’s valiant acts allowed the rest of the company to maintain their fighting positions and successfully fend off the prolonged attack of more than 20 insurgents, despite the fact that the initial attack resulted in the deaths of two members of the troops and the wounding of three more. His courageous actions prevented the loss of life by a significant number of people in his firm. Jess Larochelle and Blake Williams, both of the Privates, are more quiet. At the beginning of the Tank Battle, an RPG attack took the life of Was.

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