Joe Shymanski Missing Huntingtown, MD, Help Locate Joe Shymanski

Joe Shymanski Missing – Joe Shymanski has not been seen since he disappeared from his residence in Huntingtown, Maryland (Calvert County). The last time anyone had any kind of interaction with him was in the afternoon of Sunday, September 23rd, somewhere around four o’clock. Joe would never up and leave or just vanish without a trace. He has two lovely children who are his world, and he spent the weekend getting the house and himself ready for the new school year as well as working on various home improvement tasks.

I ask that you disseminate this information far and wide. It is quite strange and disturbing that he would have left home without his phone and keys because he would not have left house without them. If Joe reaches out to you or if you have any information about where he might be, please send a direct message to either myself or one of the other people who have been tagged in this post. Detectives Det. Buck 410.474.7015 and Det. Wells 443.684.1340 of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office are now investigating this case.

Keep Joe Shymanski, his family, and all of them in your prayers. Since Sunday, September 23rd, he has not been seen or heard from. His house is where he has left his phone, as well as the car and the keys. Although he lives in Maryland, anyone who may have any information or leads is asked to contact Sergeant Rector at 410-474-2022 as soon as possible. He is a detective with the Calvert County Sheriff Department and is currently serving as the primary investigator on this case.

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