John Rick Obituary, SAC ARMY ROTC UNIT Member Has Died

John Rick Obituary, Death – It was announced this morning that Sgt. John Rick C Manalo PA (Res), who had been suffering kidney disease, had passed away. It is with a heavy heart that I must share this information with everyone, as he has been battling for his life up until this point. Over the course of the most recent few days, he had been getting care at a hospice facility.

It was well knowledge that he had served the Saint Anthony’s College ROTC Unit for a considerable amount of time and had shown bravery, dedication, and service during that time. When his legacy is analyzed in the future, it will be understood that he left behind one that is acknowledged as one that is distinguished by leadership and honesty. Because he made a significant and favorable contribution to the lives of his family, friends, and fellow service members, he will continue to hold a significant and meaningful place in their hearts forever.

Sgt. Manalo is a young man that completed their high school education and participated in the Class Maneuver program during the 2010-2011 school year. Since then, he has been working as a teacher, and he has vowed to continue working in that capacity until the year 2022. His commitment is unwavering.


He was an important figure in the ROTC careers of a big number of officers who graduated from the unit. He had a significant role in the lives of a huge number of individuals and was an important figure in their lives. A very large number of people’s lives were profoundly altered as a result of his influence.

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