Joseph Parra Obituary, Legendary Man Dies At 62, Community Mourns

Joseph Parra Obituary, Death – This Person. The Fallacy. The Iconic One. Joseph “Joe” Parra, 62 years old, answered the call to be with our Lord on Monday, September 4th, 2023. Joe was born in Sheboygan in the spring of 1961 to Hector Parra, who always looked put together, and Darlene, who was always quick with a joke. He has three brothers named Lee, Chuck, and Curt, and one sister named Raquel who is fearless.

Joe would frequently recount their naughty antics throughout the course of the evening’s family supper, including the time he was hung by his feet and forced to escape using only his wits. Joe was forced into adulthood at a young age and found work first as a paperboy for the Sheboygan Press and later as a short-order cook at IHOP. Joe’s early childhood contained several memorable moments, including him being crowned Homecoming Winter Festival King at Horace Mann Middle School and meeting Denise, who would later become his first wife.

After that, he went on to complete his secondary education at Sheboygan North High School, where he was known to spend many nights having a good time with his closest friends while remaining completely trouble-free. Everything was in order and legal. Don’t bother asking any questions at all. In 1979, he did his country proud by enlisting in the United States Marine Corps. in the time, he was serving his country in Camp Lejeune, which is located near Jacksonville, North Carolina. Due to Joe’s natural leadership abilities, the company promoted him to the rank of Lance corporal.

He was an experienced rifle teacher throughout his one year of service overseas in Okinawa, Japan. His tour of duty lasted one year. In addition to that, Joe put his business savvy to use by engaging in the side business of loan sharking. The period he spent in Japan held a special significance for him, and he frequently discussed it with his family. His discharge in 1982 was under honorable conditions.

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