Judith Hillyard Obituary, Resident Of Red Bud, Illinois, Died At 80

Judith Hillyard Obituary, Death- On August 29, 2023, Judith Jane “Judy” Hillyard, age 80, from Red Bud, Illinois, passed away in a calm and serene manner.

She was a dedicated wife, a kind mother and grandmother, a trusted and diligent nurse, and a wonderful source of happiness for anybody who had the opportunity to meet and get to know her. A enthusiastic participant in discourse who possesses a She had a fast and thoughtful wit, but above all else, she was a stalwart caregiver who gave more than she received.

She expected more from herself than she ever did from anyone else. Judy’s date of birth is December 17th, 1942, and she was born in Prairie du Rocher, Illinois. After completing their education at, After graduating from Red Bud High School in 1961, she went on to study nursing at the Lutheran School of Nursing in St. Louis, Missouri.

MO and received her Registered Nurse certification in 1964. In the same year, she started working as a nurse in the “old” St. Clement’s Hospital, and she later moved on to work at another hospital. transferred to the “new” St. Clement’s when it first opened its doors in the year 1971. She spent some time working within the system.

in total, thirty-seven years had passed. She made a difference in the lives of numerous others, thereby improving their health. above all else, placed the health and well-being of her patients as her top priority, and was an invaluable and experienced colleague for a great number of nurses and doctors over the course of their careers.

On June 12, 1965, Judy wed Joel, who was not only her partner but also her nearly continuous companion. In the course of, They continued to have fun, fall in love, and embark on exciting journeys throughout the following nearly six decades. distant from their families and lives, but always made them delighted to be back to the life and family they cherished so much

dear. She brought glory to her God throughout the years by serving in a variety of churches, and she encouraged others to do the same. voice to heaven as a phenomenal performer in the field of singing. Judy was a huge fan of classic films. She was an excellent cook, whether she was working with raw vegetables and

fresh produce from the garden or some of her amazing homemade pretzels, which she used to make with her mother. youngsters when they were younger and less developed. She had a passion for exploring new places and has experienced wonders both big and little. in addition to her cherished United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, and a host of other countries.

destinations that are a delight to explore. Her cherished parents, Vic and Tillie Schoenberger, passed away prior to her passing away. She is the she is survived by her husband of 58 years, Joel, who treasured her during each and every moment of their life together.

the time that they spent together. Her children, Jeff (Pam), and Jeanna Groat (Kurt), have expressed how much they miss her. a great deal and will never be able to forget the sweet love she showed me. The most recent sources of happiness in Judy’s life are her identical grandkids. Katie Groat, together with her grandsons Connor and Jackson Hillyard, will remember her as a loving grandmother.

beautiful grandmother who is also a wonderful tease. Her dearly cherished sisters; Robert’s wife, Lou Ann Doiron Throughout her life, Brenda Casten (Marion) and Brenda Casten were constant sources of happiness and comfort for her, as were their more extensive family members. She will also be remembered fondly by her nieces and nephews throughout their lives.

nephews in addition to other amazing relatives and friends of the family. Donations in Judy’s memory can be donated to the St. Peter United Church of Christ or the St. Peter and Paul Cemetery. Clement’s Community Foundation was established in. The doctors say that her heart stopped beating, but we never saw it happen. And despite the fact that her heart may be

gone…but her memory will live on in ours. Visitation will be held at the Leesman Funeral Home on Friday, September 8th, 2023, from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. An Illinois funeral home located in Red Bud. On Saturday, September 9th, 2023, funeral services will take place at 11 am, with a visitor period beginning one hour earlier.

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