Justin Smith Obituary, 42-Year-Old-Missing Person Found Dead

Justin Smith Obituary, Death – Nobody knows when Sidney Smith would have found out that his kid had passed away if an improbable tip concerning an unidentified body in the Orleans Parish morgue hadn’t come his way. Four days after leaving the Broadmoor house he shared with his father, the body of 42-year-old Justin Smith had arrived at the office of Orleans Parish Coroner Dwight McKenna by the 19th of June.

Sidney filed missing person reports, hired a private investigator, and anxiously searched Justin’s regular haunts in the French Quarter for over a month after his son went missing. Justin had worked for Sidney’s tour company and occasionally sold his artwork there. Sidney also employed him as an occasional salesperson. Sidney did not find out that Justin had passed away until the 12th of July, when Justin’s psychiatrist told him that he’d heard that the coroner had a body that possibly match the description of Justin. Justin had passed away on June 18.

Sidney hurriedly presented the photographs she had taken of Justin at the Coroner’s Office, which is located on Earhart Boulevard. “(One of the staff members) goes and gets the photos, and when she sees them, she nods her head and says, ‘We have him.'” That knocked me completely out,” Sidney recalled. Even though the documents reveal that a medical examiner performed an autopsy on Justin’s body the day after he passed away, the coroner never took his fingerprints during the weeks that his body was in their possession.

It is not quite obvious what procedures, if any, McKenna’s office did to identify Justin, who suffered from a mental condition; however, it is clear that they took some steps. Sidney also claimed that he was unable to view Justin’s body because it had deteriorated, despite the fact that the body was in good condition when a pathologist from the Coroner’s Office performed the autopsy on June 19. It has been months since one of the coolers at the coroner’s office that is used for storing bodies broke, and it still hasn’t been fixed; however, it is unclear whether the problem with the cooler was the reason Justin’s body had deteriorated.


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