Karen Ann Pfaller, Visitation and Funeral Information

Karen Ann Pfaller Obituary, Death –  Karen Ann Pfaller (Nee Warso), age 76, had been fighting Lymphoma for a short time when she passed away on October 13, 2022. She was born on July 4, 1945. Those who had the privilege of knowing Karen will unanimously attest to the fact that she possessed one of the world’s most distinctive personalities and stunningly beautiful souls. Her doting parents, George and Grace, received a late-in-life blessing in the form of their daughter. She was quite attached to her father. Her mother inspired her to develop a passion for creative sewing, which ultimately led to the successful launch of a lifelong career.

Harold and Dorothy were Karen’s two older siblings who came before her. Dorothy was older than she was by 20 years, married to a beautiful man whose name was Russ, and the mother of two girls whose names were Joy and Jan. The three young ladies were only separated by a span of six years in age when they were born, therefore their upbringing was identical to that of sisters. Karen delighted in reminiscing about her youth and delighted in showing others images and recollections from that time period, which held a very important place in her heart.

Karen was a devoted mother throughout her adult years; she placed the utmost value on the relationship she had with her son and the time they were able to spend together as they grew up. She used the difficult times in her life to fortify her character and shine a brighter light on her, a light that was powerful enough to guide those who were lost in the darkness during those times. She did not grumble and was fiercely independent in her outlook on life. Karen was a constant seamstress, an avid reader, and a passionate gardener who also enjoyed watching classic movies, crafting and repairing jewelry, cooking, and baking.

It seems that anything that required artistic creativity was a natural strength of hers to excel in. She had a soft spot for abandoned animals, and they returned her affection in spades. She had a tremendous respect for everything historical or antique, and one of her favorite activities was going shopping in thrift stores. Karen was constantly looking for a “good home” for her findings, and she gave preference to items that had been repaired because she knew that they had been of critical importance to someone in the past. She was able to impart some of her knowledge of the past thanks to her employment at Hale Farm and Village, where she was both a weaver and a spinner.

Her home had a mystical quality about it at all times, but especially during the winter holidays. Her favorite holiday was Halloween. She thoroughly enjoyed gathering her loved ones together for get-togethers like family reunions and tea parties, and she would gladly welcome their visits at any time. She felt privileged to be able to share the tales of the people who had inhabited her stunning home in the years before to her arrival. She was a talented artist who was particularly skilled in the technique of stitching textiles.

In order to create wonderful works of art, such as stockings, pillows, and eggs, Karen would make use of repurposed vintage materials and blankets, as well as antique material and even old postal bags. Her art was featured in numerous issues of Country Living Magazine and was even hung on the Christmas tree at the White House during the administration of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Her artisanal gifts will, without a shadow of a doubt, continue to make people happy for many years to come, which is exactly what she would have intended.

The selflessness and warmth with which Karen lived her life will be sorely missed more than anything else. If you were her friend, she would love you like family, and she placed a high value on the relationships in her life, especially those with her family. To a large number of people, the value of her companionship, her sharp sense of humor, her charming smile and warm hugs, and simply her presence were immeasurable. She has always been loving, and for that reason, she will continue to be adored! Karen is deeply and indescribably missed…

Karen’s devoted parents, George and Grace Warso, her adored siblings, Harold Warso and Dorothy (Bill) Dufala, and her favorite niece, Jan Leonardi, all passed away before her. Karen is survived by a large number of people who loved her, including both family and friends…

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