Kevin Dashney Obituary, Oshawa Ontario, In Loving Memory Of Kevin Dashney

Kevin Dashney Obituary, Death –¬†Canadian singer and pianist Kevin Dashney, who was born in Oshawa, just passed away. On Thursday, August 24, 2023, he passed away after a courageous battle with cancer. A Facebook post titled “Kevin Dashney/ Mr. Dashney and Uncle Kevin from April. 25th, 1958-August. 24th, 2023” served as the definitive confirmation of his passing.

Your loved ones in Ottawa, including your mother Clare, brother Stephen, and their families, and your closest friends the Dashneys and the Longauers, will miss you dearly. Kevin Dashney, a veteran pianist, singer, and conductor, demonstrates his versatility by performing in a wide range of musical genres. All genres of music from the classical canon to musical theater standards to jazz canons to pop canons to sacred canons are equally at home in his hands. Kevin’s theatrical resume includes leading roles in productions of musicals in both Whitby and Oshawa. His vocal abilities have been recognized by Lorna Brain’s Ensemble for an astonishing five years.

Kevin Dashney’s CV includes a position as a high school music instructor. His current position as choir director at Whitby’s St. John the Evangelist RC church is evidence of his commitment to his craft. Kevin’s musical abilities were in high demand since he gave joy to audiences at weddings, parties, and even elderly homes. Kevin is really proud of his three talented children, all of whom have aspirations in music and are working hard to realize them.

This aspect of his life exemplifies the indelible impression he has made on the music industry and the inspiration he has provided to the next generation. He stayed up late and worked on his talents for several nights. His dedication and focus on detail are clear in every aspect of his work. Dashney’s musical compositions reflected his complex character. While many of his performances have a spectral air, there is a hidden layer of complexity that alludes to a more dynamic emotional context. Dashney’s personality was complex, like a tapestry, because it was woven from many individual strands.


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