Landon Cromer Car Accident, Macomb IL, U.S. County, Landon Cromer Died In A Car Accident

Landon Cromer Car Accident, On Wednesday, the person who has admitted to being the drunk driver who was responsible for the deaths of two student-athletes from Upstate in the year 2020 submitted his guilty plea.

Both of these young men had been competing in athletics at their respective schools. On Southport Road in February 2020, while Yuriy Karpik was driving under the influence of alcohol, he crossed the center line and was responsible for a head-on collision with a Ford Mustang. Mia Stokes and Grace Revels, both of whom played softball for USC Union, were among those who tragically passed away as a result of the disaster.

Karpik was allegedly traveling at a speed that was thirty miles per hour higher than the maximum that was allowed, as stated by the relevant authorities. The crash also resulted in injuries for two other persons who were traveling in the Mustang, one of them was Stokes’ twin sister. One of the injured passengers was riding in the Mustang. The surviving family members of those who were murdered filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Karpik, but the matter was finally settled outside of court.

The beginning of the trial of Karpik was originally scheduled to take place in 2022; however, at some point, it was postponed. On Wednesday, Karpik pleaded guilty to the charges of driving under the influence while causing death and driving under the influence while causing serious bodily injury.

He was found guilty and handed a sentence of twenty years in jail; however, he will be eligible for release after only serving fourteen years of his term. The three years that he spent locked up in the Spartanburg County jail were tallied toward the total amount of time he was sentenced to serve.

After Karpik is freed from prison, he will have to spend a period of five years of home detention, and then he will have to complete a period of five years of probation. In addition to that, the judge imposed a fine on him in the amount of $60,000 dollars.

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