Lori Medlen Obituary Indianapolis IN, Avon Indiana Police mourn the death of Lori Medlen

Lori Medlen Obituary, Death – When we decided to share such a challenging topic with our community, we did it with a lot of sadness in our hearts. Lori Medlen, the Clerk of the Avon Town Court, has been responsible for overseeing its day-to-day operations for more than 23 years. Earlier this month, Lori went away unexpectedly, leaving behind her wonderful family and a large number of friends who are grieving her loss.

Lori was recognized for always being kind, patient, and empathetic to everyone, despite the fact that assisting people in the resolution of their outstanding cases was frequently stressful and upsetting for her. Lori and her family were consistent supporters of our organization and the officers who work here; for example, they volunteered their time at each and every one of our Night Out Against Crime events.

Although we are devastated by Lori’s departure, we have decided to commemorate her memory and lend our support to her family in any manner we can. Lori was known to have an intense affection for both her family and her friends. We will never stop looking for new ways to celebrate her integrity and service, and on days like today, we make sure to take advantage of what Lori cherished the most: the warmth and sunshine.
Your thoughts and prayers are requested to be sent up for the Medlen family. I am grateful to you, Avon.
The Medlen family is in need of God’s blessing.

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