Lynn Moffett Motorcycle Accident, Sweetwater TN, Man Dies In Trafic Collision

Lynn Moffett Motorcycle Accident – According to the information provided by the Biloxi Police Department, an individual lost their life as a result of an accident that took place on Popp’s Ferry Road on Monday. The incident took place close to Iron Horse Drive. Kameron Moffett, who was 20 years old and originally from Biloxi, has been identified as the person who passed away, as stated by Brian Switzer, who serves as the Coroner for Harrison County.

A press release stated that emergency personnel were sent to the scene at approximately 12:34 hours local time. Moffett was riding in the western direction on Popp’s Ferry when he became involved in a collision with another vehicle, which resulted in him being ejected from the motorcycle. The collision caused Moffett to sustain injuries that required medical attention.

The injured individual was taken to the nearest hospital after the arrival of the first responders at the scene of the accident. On the other hand, Switzer claims that Moffett passed away as a result of his injuries even though he was receiving treatment at the hospital. The Traffic Unit of the Biloxi Police Department is the one that is in charge of conducting the investigation into the occurrence at this time. There has been no submission of a criminal complaint up until this point. If you have any information on this occurrence, you are asked to get in touch with the Biloxi Police Department by calling the following number: (228) 392-0641.

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