Marc Feller Obituary, North Richland Hills TX Marc Feller Has Died

Marc Feller Obituary, Death – With sorrowful hearts, we announce the untimely death of Marc Feller, a beloved parent, friend, and member of our community. Marc’s unexpected death has left a vacuum in the lives of those he cared about the most, particularly his children, Lane and Claire Feller. We come together as a community to provide our support and aid to the Feller family as they traverse this season of great loss, grieving, and rebuilding.

Marc’s children, now in the care of their mother Krista Feller, confront the difficult process of healing and moving on. In this sad time, we invite you to consider making a direct donation to the family’s needs through Zelle. You can help the Feller family by donating directly to Krista Feller via Zelle at (817) 501-5209. Your generous contributions will aid them in their efforts to reclaim their lives and recover stability.

Lane and Claire have both short-term and long-term needs, including a washing machine and a car for Lane, who will soon be of driving age, as well as college tuition plans. Your assistance will be invaluable in assisting them through this difficult time. We urge that you share this message with your networks in order to reach a larger number of people who are linked to Krista and her children.

Your help can make a big impact in offering comfort and aid during this difficult time. The Feller family’s faith and uncompromising spirit continue to give them strength. Even at their darkest hours, they find comfort in the name of Jesus and the conviction that God always works for the benefit of those who love him. We can help the Feller family discover light in the middle of darkness with your help, love, and generosity.

Please contact us, their friends and neighbors, Tammy Loving Hopper, Tami Neve-Emery, Leianne Ebert, and Lisa Hubbard, if you have any questions or need assistance. In honor of Marc Feller, let us provide our help, prayers, and friendship to the Feller family, assisting them in finding strength and comfort during this difficult time. You can donate directly to Krista by calling (817) 501-5209.


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