Marvin Saines Obituary, Man Dies After Violent Crash In NW Houston

Marvin Saines Obituary, Death – ABC13 learned Wednesday morning that a Houston man died in a violent wreck caused by an alleged affair. Marvin Saines, 28, has been identified as the victim. Andrei Niculusca, 47, is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the crash last week along W. 34th Street near TC Jester in northwest Houston.

According to authorities, it all started with a brawl in a neighboring parking lot over Saines’ supposed relationship with Niculusca’s girlfriend. The victim’s family said in a statement that they are grieving a significant loss. The family did not respond when ABC13 questioned if this meant their loved one had died.

Following the argument, both men got into their cars and drove away. Niculusca allegedly followed the victim at high speed in his white Ford F-150 and struck the victim’s vehicle with his truck, forcing the guy to lose control and crash into a utility pole. Saines was airlifted to the hospital in critical condition by Life Flight.

“The guy was just bleeding from the top of his head, really bad, in and out of consciousness,” Shawana Cunningham, who was working from home at the time, said. According to Houston police, a parking lot brawl between two people occurred just moments before the high-speed chase and crash.

She dashed outdoors and watched a man leap from a pickup truck and dash to the other car. She showed ABC13 the video she recorded shortly after the incident, which shows the man she believes caused the crash at the door of the small car that had been forced off the road. “He was completely trashed. “He came from the side, right on the driver’s side,” she explained.

Niculusca was apprehended.

On Friday, a court set his bond at $75,000 USD. ABC13 is keeping an eye on if his charges may be enhanced.

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