Matthew Davidson Obituary, Nashville Tennessee, Matthew Davidson Has Died

Matthew Davidson Obituary, Death- On July 14, 1970, in the city of Staunton, Virginia, Matthew Kevan Davidson was brought into the world by his parents, Eugene and Eleanor (Kevan) Davidson.

His mother and father had passed away before him, and he is survived by his older brother Mark, Mark’s wife and children, and his younger brother Luke. He was the first of Eugene and Eleanor’s three sons to be born, and he was the oldest of the three. Mark and Luke came after him in the order of their birth.

Eugene had the intention of naming his sons after the four Gospels found in the Bible, and he came very close to achieving that objective. Irene and Frances, the older sisters of Eugene’s three sons, were raised by their grandfather and grandmother in Texas. Eugene’s three sons were his only children. Even though they spent the majority of their life apart from their sisters, they maintained a strong relationship with each of them.

Matthew and Mark shared a house with Irene at one point in their lives, and later on in life, Matthew moved in with Frances. As the children were growing up, there was a lot of upheaval in the family’s living situation. They uprooted their lives and went to Oklahoma, which is where Mark was born. After that, they relocated to Arizona, and then they relocated once again to California in 1982, when Luke was born there.

Luke was adopted by another family in California, and after Irene spent a brief time in the Austin, Texas region, the Davidsons relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, which is where Matthew and Mark spent their formative years. Matthew and Mark are the Davidson children. Matthew’s conversion to Christianity and start in the Baptist church tradition took place in Nashville.

where he also began attending services. After Mark met the woman who would become his wife, Diana, who was from Rigby, he went across the country to wed her, and Matthew soon after did the same. That took place in the year 2007, and Matthew has been a resident of Rexburg ever since then.

You could recognize Matt as the person who walks all over Rexburg, as the person who plays a variety of flutes and recorders, or as the large cheery guy who works behind the customer service counter at Walmart. Matthew spent a significant portion of his time in Rexburg working at either one of the two Walmart stores in the city. It was there that he first made genuine connections with members of this group and established friendships with a great number of individuals.

Matthew became well-known for his distinctive style of humor, which was characterized by his habit of greeting friends and clients with corny jokes. When he or his friends or coworkers were in pain or upset, he would reach out to them with compassion and concern, and he would frequently give more of himself to others than he had in him.

Along with his mother, Eleanor, who died away in June of this year, Matthew was a long-time attendee of the Grace Baptist Church in this city of Rexburg. Eleanor was also a member of the church. Everyone in Rexburg who knew Matt, and there are a lot of people, knew that Matthew had a great faith in Jesus, and he was always delighted to share his faith by word and deed with other people. There are so many people in Rexburg who knew Matt.

Following Matthew’s passing, his family, friends, and coworkers flooded various social media platforms to share their condolences and show their affection for him. Matthew made an impact on the course of a significant number of people’s lives in this community, and he will be dearly missed by all of those people.

He is free from the agony and distress that tormented him in the days leading up to his death, and he is now on his way to spend eternity with Jesus. Instead of mourning his departure from this world, he would be very honored if his friends and loved ones thought of him there in Heaven when he had graduated from this life. On the Saturday, September 25, 2021, at one o’clock in the afternoon, there will be a Memorial Service held at the Grace Baptist Church in Rexburg, Idaho.

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