May Fowler-Brown Obituary, In Loving Memory Of May Fowler-Brown

May Fowler-Brown Obituary, Death – May Fowler-Brown and her new husband, Tom Brown, have our warmest congratulations!
The pair just sealed the knot in Cambridgeshire after being friends for nearly twenty years; they credit the RBL for helping them find each other. In January of 2004, when May took over the Standard for the Sawston and Pampisford Branch, she crossed paths with Tom.

They met at the Cambridge County Standard Bearer’s School and became fast friends, with Tom and his wife Maureen often joining them at RBL events like the Great Pilgrimage 90. Tom is the National Standard Bearer for the Third Battalion of the Parachute Regiment and the Standard Bearer for the City of Ely. Maureen’s untimely death occurred in February of 2016. May encouraged Tom to join her for a late Christmas supper at the branch to keep him company, and the two became fast friends. Both of their family were overjoyed when he proposed to May on their cruise in June of 2022.

May and Tom tied the knot on July 22—one week before May turned 72 and one week before Tom turned 84. Friends and family from the Standard Bearer’s School, as well as members of the RBL’s City of Ely and Sawston and Pampisford Branches, attended the happy couple’s wedding. To May and Tom’s joy, their friends made sure RBL was a part of their wedding day: Some of our visitors had already left the church before us (it was a wet day, so we took photos inside), and we couldn’t figure out why our chauffer was taking such a long route there. Quickly changing from their wedding attire into their uniforms, our friends who were serving as standard bearers for the occasion were standing guard at the reception venue when we arrived.

Pictures of Tom and I in our Parachute Regiment Association uniforms and my Royal British Legion outfit with Standards at the dip adorned the top of our cake. The photographs were duplicated onto rice paper, arranged next to one another, and used as a decorative focal point.

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