Megin Hughes Obituary, American Red Cross Central California Region Member Has Died

Megin Hughes Obituary, Death- Megin Hughes, a dearly loved member of the Red Cross staff, died away earlier in this month. It is with a heavy heart that we share this news with you. Her friends and coworkers at the Red Cross will always remember her as an extraordinary humanitarian and a beautiful person.

She made an indelible mark on ten years’ worth of volunteers, community partners, and customers in the Kern County and Eastern Sierra Chapter, as well as further afield. Megin was well-known for her remarkable generosity and upbeat attitude toward life. She would drop everything and help a stranger, a coworker, or a volunteer if they were in need, always with a grin on her face. She was a true humanitarian who was committed to the work of the Red Cross and was most well-known for her ability to motivate others to volunteer alongside her in the organization’s objective.

Megin became a volunteer with the American Red Cross about ten years ago, and during that time she worked as the volunteer partner to the organization’s Disaster Program Manager. Megin leaped at the chance to join the team as a member of the staff as soon as the opportunity presented itself. She held the position of Disaster Program Manager for the chapter for a number of years before moving on to Volunteer Services in 2021 to take up the role of Senior Volunteer Recruitment Specialist. Both of these positions were driven by a desire to inspire members of the community to lend a hand to those in need through the efforts of the Red Cross.

She had a unique ability to make everyone feel as though they were seen, heard, and respected. Her capacity for empathy was unbounded, and she was never reluctant to extend a helping hand or provide reassuring words to people who were in need of support. Volunteers praised her for her unwavering commitment, unwavering devotion, and can-do attitude while also commenting on how she would give you the shirt off her back if you were in need.

After such a tragic loss, our thoughts and prayers are with Megin’s family and all of those in the Red Cross community. The influence of Megin was felt far and wide. Her vivacity, grace, and kindness impacted the lives of a great number of people; as a result, her legacy will endure and continue to encourage others to follow in her footsteps.

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