Pauline Diaz Missing, Was Last Seen Leaving Her Job At H-E-B In San Antonio, TX, at 2:30 PM.

Pauline Diaz Missing, Pauline was a devoted mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother who, according to the detectives, would never have left of her own free will. She was 64 years old when she vanished.

Pauline was in the midst of filing for divorce from her spouse when she went missing at the same time they were doing so. Pauline is healthy, helpful, and kind, according to the people who care about her. It was also well known that Pauline kept a clean house and presented herself in a neat manner. Ruiz was required to be escorted out of the H-E-B on multiple occasions because of his fights with Pauline while Pauline was working there.

It has been determined that Ruiz is a person of interest in the disappearance of Pauline. The 7th of December, 2010, was a day that Pauline expected to go about as normally as any other day. It was time for her shift at the H-E-B grocery store. Surveillance footage recorded Pauline and another lady wandering around Pauline’s white 2010 Toyota Tacoma as if they were inspecting it while Pauline was walking towards her vehicle. After appearing on the surveillance camera around 2:30 in the afternoon, no one is aware of what became of Pauline.

Pauline was supposed to stop by Ruiz’s house to pick up a lawnmower, but according to Ruiz, she never showed up at his house to do so. Ruiz reported this information to the police. Pauline did, in fact, go to his house, and Ruiz was the last person to see her alive before she disappeared. On December 8th, Pauline’s white 2010 Toyota Tacoma truck was located parked in Wilson County, in the city of Floresville, Texas. At the time, the automobile was at the intersection of Highway 181 and FM 320. It just so happens that Ruiz’s house is located not far from here.

There was no trace of Pauline in the location where the incident occurred. In point of fact, there was no evidence that any illegal activity took place at the location, with the sole exception of Pauline’s pocketbook being discovered hidden behind the seat of the driver in the truck. After Pauline went missing, her estranged husband, Ruiz, got in touch with the life insurance salesman she had been working with. He wanted to know who would receive the benefits of Pauline’s life insurance policy. When Ruiz found out that he was not the beneficiary of the policy, the sources claim that he became very upset.

The disappearance of Pauline has prompted her family to seek the assistance of a private detective. The private investigator is of the opinion that Pauline did, in fact, return home after visiting Ruiz’s. The fact that Pauline’s shoes, the very pair she wore on the day she vanished, were located at her home gives him grounds to believe this to be the case. The sand had adhered itself to the shoes. The sand was comparable to the sand that was located at Ruiz’s house. It was out of character for Pauline’s grandmother, who was known for her meticulous orderliness, for there to be clothes items lying around the house.

In 2018, detectives and investigators conducted digging at the former residence of Pauline and Ruiz in Floresville, Texas. The investigators were looking for her body at the time. The digging on the property did not turn up anything significant. Ruiz has not been charged with any crime in connection with Pauline’s disappearance, and he has consistently denied any involvement in the case.

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