Peter Harvey Obituary, Aberaeron Yacht Club Pays Tribute To Peter Harvey

Peter Harvey Obituary, Death –It is with profound sorrow that the Aberaeron Yacht & Watersports Club committee must convey the heartbreaking news to our esteemed members regarding the loss of one of our founding and enduring members. With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of Peter Lloyd Harvey, who departed from us on Sunday morning. Peter held a special place in our club’s history as one of our original and accomplished dinghy sailors, tracing his legacy back to the 1960s.

During that period, he achieved numerous victories, claiming many coveted cups as his own. Beyond dinghy sailing, Peter had a profound love for his cruiser, “Poppsy,” and embarked on many coastal cruises along the Welsh coastline. In a remarkable feat of sailing, Peter, alongside his dear friend and fellow sailor, David Sinnett-Jones, circumnavigated Wales in the Celtic Circle back in 1990. They embarked on this adventure aboard a Drascombe Lugger Day Boat, setting sail from Aberaeron.

Their journey took them north, navigating rivers and canals in northeast Wales before entering the Severn estuary, sailing along the south coast of Wales, circumnavigating Pembrokeshire, and ultimately returning home. Their remarkable voyage was even captured on film for an ITV program. Throughout his long and dedicated association with our club, Peter assumed various roles, including Commodore, Vice Commodore, Sailing Secretary, and, until his untimely passing, he remained a trusted and valued Trustee. His commitment and contributions to our club were immeasurable and enduring.

Our heartfelt thoughts and condolences extend to Ionett, Pandora, Charles, Thomas, and their families during this difficult time. We share in your grief and sorrow. As we bid farewell to Peter, we remember him with deep admiration and gratitude. May the winds be fair, and the seas calm as Peter embarks on his final voyage. His legacy within our club and the memories he created will forever remain etched in our hearts. Peter will never be forgotten.

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