Renee Deritis Obituary, Couple Dies From Drowning – Island Boat Crash

Renee Deritis Obituary, Death –A boat measuring 27 feet and another boat measuring 44 feet collided on Sunday evening in Great South Bay on Long Island, resulting in the death of a couple from Long Island. Both boats were measuring in at 27 feet. It was approximately 10:40 p.m. when the crash took place north of Fire Island, as stated in the records from the Suffolk County police.

A collision between the larger boat that Louis Deritis, age 53, was running and the smaller boat that he was in resulted in him being thrown overboard. The guy who was piloting the larger boat was 61 years old and was not injured. In addition to the victim, Renee Deritis, the victim’s wife, who was 50 years old, also passed dead. Her lifeless body was found by scuba divers investigating the underwater suite of the yacht where she had been hiding.

On their website, the Islip Fire Department included images that they had taken at the scene of the accident. “An Islip Fire Department rescue diver located a victim inside the hull of the submerged overturned boat and extracted the victim to our vessel,” Islip rescue workers announced on Facebook. “The victim was safely transported to our vessel.”

“Our crew members were able to bring the victim aboard.” “Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done to save the victim, and they were pronounced dead at the scene,” you said. “There was nothing that could be done to save the victim.” In the middle of the night, the images that were taken by the fire department appear to show little more than the prow of a boat that is sinking popping its head above the surface of the murky water.


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