Sam Urick Murder, Waco Texas, Lisa Urick Patterson, Sam Urick Was Murder

Sam Urick Murder, Gary Patterson, a draftsman who was 33 years old and a single parent to his daughter Crystal, who was 6 years old at the time, was having a good May 1997. Things were looking bright for Gary.

Patterson would be in a better position to provide for both of them in the future if he had the option to take a job in El Paso supervising the construction of a new complex. According to what she said on Buried in the Backyard, which airs on Oxygen on Saturdays at 8/7c, his fiancee, Michelle Wilson, assisted him in selecting an outfit to wear for his interview.

They decided on a white shirt, black jeans, and cowboy boots for him to wear, and then they sent him off to the Waco airport. Wilson remarked that he appeared to be in good shape. After a day had passed, Wilson’s and Patterson’s parents, who were keeping an eye on Crystal, still hadn’t heard from him. Patterson’s family reported him missing when they were concerned that anything was wrong with him.

Patterson had said that he intended to go to a work location that was located in the middle of the Chihuahuan Desert to the east of El Paso. This gave rise to concerns due to the proximity of that area to Juarez, which is located in Mexico. According to a statement made by a Texas Ranger named Matt Cawthon, “Juarez is notorious for its corruption, for its violence, and for its crime rate.”

Det. Steve January of the Waco Police Department echoed comparable concerns. It’s possible that he was robbed by someone. Someone might have chosen to shoot him. “He could have been murdered by anyone,” the man claimed. “Anything could have been in that situation.” It was determined by the investigators that Patterson had traveled by plane from Waco to El Paso. But after then, there was no further evidence.

According to David Patterson, Patterson’s family made certain, with the assistance of the Mexican consulate, that their loved one was not being held in a jail or prison south of the border. David Patterson made this statement. The investigation revealed that Patterson’s divorce in 1992 had been a contentious process due to disagreements around child custody.

According to the book Buried in the Backyard, his ex-wife, Lisa Urick Patterson, had abducted the child in 1994 and “was in the wind” for about two years during that time. According to January, when the investigators questioned Patterson’s ex-wife, she was able to provide a credible alibi. She was not a person of interest in the investigation.

Williams was questioned by investigators to ensure that she was not involved in any way with the disappearance of the victim. According to January, her name was promptly “crossed off the list.” “She may provide an alibi. She had a crush on Gary. The job interview that Patterson had in El Paso was the primary focus of the investigation by the police. The interview was for a position that was associated with the construction of a modular home neighborhood that was supposedly spearheaded by a developer called Ned Wright.

According to “Buried in the Backyard,” Patterson had kept the interview and the travel to El Paso a secret from the majority of people because he was concerned that his present employer could blame him for looking for a new job. The investigation led the detectives to discover that Wright had spent the night at the Fairfield Inn in El Paso.

However, they discovered that there was nobody registered with that name. Using the phone logs, they were able to determine that one of the guests had called Patterson’s place of employment in Waco, which was Brazos Environmental and Engineering. Theodore Young was identified as the lodger who was obliged to hand over his driver’s license. It was established through interviews with witnesses that Young and Wright were the same individual.

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