Senator Bob Clegg Obituary, Former New Hampshire State Senator Bob Clegg passes away

Senator Bob Clegg Obituary, Death – Bob Clegg, who had previously worked in the role of state senator in New Hampshire, passed away recently. He could look back on 69 years of experience. Clegg served in the New Hampshire House of Representatives for a total of four terms, during which time he was elected to and served in a variety of leadership roles, including that of House Speaker Pro Tem.

During his time in office, Clegg also served as the House Majority Leader. Clegg won the election to represent District 15 in the State Senate in 2002 and subsequently rose through the ranks to become the Senate Majority Leader after holding that position for some time.

“Bob served with distinction and honor in both the New Hampshire House and Senate, and he will be greatly missed,” said Senate President Jeb Bradley in a statement. “Bob will be greatly missed.” “Bob will be remembered fondly by many” During this trying time, we want Priscilla and his family to know that we are thinking about and praying for them.

After Clegg retired from public life, he became involved in the founding of Legislative Solutions, a consulting organization that focuses on political relations and public affairs.


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