Sharif Rahman Obituary, Owen Sound Ontario, Restaurant Owner Beaten Over Unpaid Dining Bill

Sharif Rahman Obituary, Death – The owner of a restaurant in Owen Sound, Ontario, who was left in serious condition after being assaulted outside his shop during an altercation that police believe was over an outstanding dining bill has passed away at a hospital in London. The incident occurred during an altercation that police believe was about the unpaid dining bill. The altercation took occurred in the parking lot of the restaurant. The owner of the business was 44 years old at the time.

On Thursday, Sharif Rahman passed away after a long battle with cancer. The incident occurred on August 17 at Rahman’s restaurant, The Curry House, which is located in the central business sector of the city. The three male customers who attacked Rahman were dining there at the time of the incident. The assault reportedly took place on the day in question, as stated by the Owen Sound police.

According to a statement that was made public on Friday, the investigation into Rahman’s death is being conducted by the police as if it were a homicide. This information comes from the statement. Despite the fact that the investigators have not been successful in locating the suspects, the search for them will continue.

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