Shayne Flynn Obituary, Saskatchewan SK, Shayne Flynn Dies In Deadly Accident

Shayne Flynn Obituary, Death I can’t believe I’m having to do this, and I’m not sure how, because everything still doesn’t feel entirely genuine. But I’m going to give it a shot. For my little brother. These things are not acceptable, fair, or just. They are, nonetheless, real. My big brother, protector, best friend, therapist, confidant, life of the party, brilliant, hardworking, hard-playing, hard-loving, community-focused, obstinate, always there for you, brother.

He was a gentle guy who would always go out of his way to assist out in any way he could, made everyone feel welcome or included, and liked making new friends wherever he went. We watch these things happen to other people, but when it happens to you, the world crumbles beneath your feet, and I now feel like an empty shell of the person I was only a few days ago. I’m only leaving to pick up the pieces. Slowly… month after month, week after week, day after day, minute after minute, second after second.

To be honest, there aren’t many adventures or memories in my life that don’t have a little bit of Shayne in them, and I can’t even think how many lives he touched in his brief time here. At this point, words are simply words, and I could write on and on about my baby brother and the love I will always have for him. That love is unfathomably deep. But for the time being, we take consolation in the memories we will cherish forever, and we are grateful for the time we had with him.

We’ll be fine because Shannon would have wanted us to be. And he has now moved on to his next adventure, this time with the lord. +Shayne’s service will be place at 2 p.m. on Saturday, August 26th in the Beechy Community Hall, followed by a celebration of life in his honor, exactly as he would have wanted it.
Take it easy, bro.

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